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Website Redesign Part XVI - A Header and Footer for Articles

I pretty much finished designing the article pages back in Part XI, and after deciding on a typeface and some general design rules for the rest of the site it’s time to finish it off by adding a header and footer to the article pages.

The Article Header

Here are a few ideas I played around with for the header.

Header Example 1 Header Example 2 Header Example 3 Header Example 4

Although I quite like some of these, it feels like I’m overcomplicating things a bit. It might be better to go with something really simple for now – just a link back to the homepage in the top left corner.

The Article Footer

The footer needs to include some links, my name and a copyright notice. After a little playing about I ended up with something like this…

Footer Example

While I like this, it needs more thought to make in work well on small screens, and I’ll be a challenge to implement without overcomplicating the code because of how I’ve set up the article CSS. So much like the header, I think it makes more sense to keep things simple and just provide a link to the articles index, rather than listing related/recent articles. I expect I’ll revisit this in the future.

Final Footer

The Code

Here’s what I ended up with for the CSS…

There’s definitely some scope to simplify this, and to add some more “features” to the footer, but this feels like it’s enough to call the articles done and move on to the rest of the site.