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Website Redesign Part III - A Base to Start From

I’m trying to keep the CSS as minimal as possible here, but I do want a decent blank slate to work from. So I’ve normalised browser styles with normalize.css and set up some of my own base styles.

I’m sure these will change over time, but here they are for now…

A starting point for article typography

Since I’m writing on this site now, there’ll be a lot more written content. My Content-first value means I should probably start with that, while my Simplicity value means I should probably ignore layout and start by making the article copy as beautiful and readable as I can.

So taking a leaf out of Frank Chimero’s book, I’m starting with a very very simple set of styles for my articles.

I’ll focus in on this soon but until I choose a better typeface, --font-copy is set to Georgia. Like Frank, I still like it.