I write on this website, and publish a regular newsletter on remote working, leadership and tech.

I’m Technology Director at RED Academy.

I consult on remote working, leadership, process and learning with my friends at Better at Work.

I’m slowly building Foundry Academy.

I occasionally design and build websites for small, local businesses.

In the last few years I’ve worked at Ada College and CharlieHR. Before that, I helped to build Sparta Global.

I’m care deeply about creating environments where people can do great work, genuinely enjoy it, and are able to make the right decisions – both for themselves and for their company. I strongly believe this leads to better lives and better businesses. Work should not be a chore.

It’s kinda hard to describe my work at Red Academy, but it’s mostly leadership stuff with a sprinkling of learning experience design.

While I’m a software engineer by trade, I’ve slowly come to realise that I have a much bigger impact if I focus on helping other people do their thing better. So while I still code, It’s mostly for fun these days.

When it comes to helping folks enjoy their work, right now I’m mostly busy with: